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Please enjoy a variety of vignettes from different perspectives of our Foster Care program. 

 For North St Louis County, Contact:  Call 218-471-7793 or toll-free 800-450-9777 x7793 or 
For South St Louis County, Contact:  Call 218-726-2228 or toll-free 800-450-9777 x2228 or

Overview video featuring St. Louis County employees and Foster Parents sharing the need for additional foster families in all areas throughout the county.  What kind of people are we looking for?  Who are the children in foster care? How do you find out more information? 


Holly Church, St. Louis County Children & Family Services, Division Director
Holly expresses the increasing need for foster families in St. Louis County and the counties approach toward re-unification.

Jessie Schunk, Professional Development Coordinator for Child Foster Care
What is the need for foster care in St. Louis County Minnesota? Who can do foster care in St. Louis County, Minnesota? 



Steve & Teresa, St. Louis County Foster and Adoptive parents
Steve and Teresa are a faith-based foster family working with a wide range of adopted and foster children who have a variety of special needs. They share the joys and challenges of fostering.

LaDonna, Foster Parent
LaDonna is a single, African American woman and parent of two teenagers who integrates her cultural values into caring for her foster children. She shares how foster care works with working, being a student and fostering children. LaDonna speaks about the need for culturally appropriate care for African American children.


Ryan & Beth, Foster and Adoptive Parents
Ryan and Beth live in rural St. Louis County and have young children of their own. They describe how their family  integrated the concept of foster care and adoption into the way their family functions. Ryan and Beth share how their family deals with the challenges of foster care and how it has helped their family grow, and the benefits of making the difference in even one child's life.


Shirley, Ma-ingenlkwe, Foster Parent,
Fond du Lac Elder
Shirley is a single, Native American woman successfully fostering children from many cultures. What are the rewards and benefits of doing foster care? Does St. Louis County in Minnesota license Native American foster homes?

      His Hand Extended Ministries,
      Adoptive and Foster Care Resources and Support, 218-428-7667
Foster Parents & Steve and Teresa Johnson share a Christian Biblical perspective on Child Foster Care and Adoption. What kind of people are we looking for?  Who are the children in foster care? How do you find out more information?