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Transportation To VA Medical Facilities

Iron Range Veterans Rider

Within St. Louis County the Disabled American Veterans RUSSO-GOLOB Chapter Number 3 in Hibbing operates their van to transport veterans to their needed medical appointments that are scheduled at the VA Medical Center in Minneapolis.  Attached in the document library below is the schedule for the Iron Range Veterans Rider van.  The van will be transporting on the circled dates of the calendar.  It is the responsibility of the veteran to ensure that his/her VA appointment is scheduled for a day the van is transporting to the VAMC.  Please have your appointments scheduled accordingly.  To reschedule your appointment to a date the van is going, call 1-866-414-5058 extension 9-2002# (VAMC Patient Family Center).

The van leaves from the Hibbing Country Kitchen parking lot at 6:00 a.m. then travels to the Virginia Country Kitchen to pickup waiting veterans there and departs there at 6:30 a.m.

Please note that the above pick-up times are approximate and you need to arrive at least 15 minutes before departure and allow 15 minutes after departure time.  The van can not wait past these times for riders as other riders have scheduled appoints also.  Please park away from the business to avoid taking up customer spaces.

Please call the numbers below to reserve a van seat and verify pick-up time and pick-up point as soon as you receive your VA scheduled appointment notification.

  • Hibbing - 1-800-450-9777 ext 8390 or 262-6090
  • Virginia - 1-800-450-9777 ext 7110 or 749-7110
  • Ely - 1-800-450-9777 ext 3203 or 365-8203

Please remember, the van is not equipped, nor are the drivers trained or qualified to handle medical emergencies.  We will not tranport anyone with life threatening emergencies.  You should call the local ambulance service for emergency situations.  If you are mobility impaired, please specify amount of your ability as the van does not have a wheelchair lift.

Donations for van expenses are accepted.  Suggested donation for a round trip is $50.00.  Riders receiving VA Travel Pay are required to pay their VA Travel Pay to the driver.

Please note that the van may be cancelled if there are only two riders scheduled for a particular day.  Always have an alternate means of transportation in case of this situation.

DAV Van Out of The Twin Ports VA CBOC (Superior WI)

The transportation program that departs from the Twin Ports VA CBOC travels to the Minneapolis VAMC Monday though Thursday.  You must have a scheduled VAMC appointment to ride.  For more information or to reserve a seat please call the DAV Transportation Coordinator at (715) 398-2957.

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