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Intellectual Disabilities

St. Louis County Public Health & Human Services provides Intellectual Disabilities Services to adults and children who are eligible.

Who is eligible for Intellectual Disabilities Services?

A person must have a documented diagnosis of intellectual disability or a related condition. A related condition means a severe, chronic disability resulting in impairment of intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. The person must have substantial functional limitations in areas such as self care, learning, mobility, communication, self direction and independent living. A licensed psychologist or school psychologist can complete IQ and functional skills testing.  To start the process at the county for Intellectual Disabilities services we will schedule a MnCHOICES Assessment.

What help is available through Intellectual Disabilities services?

The following services may be provided through the case manager:
  • Home and Community Based Waiver Services (DD, CADI, CAC and EW Waivers)
  • Employment 
  • Family Support Grant
  • Semi Independent Living Services (SILS)
  • Residential Services
  • Respite Services (In home and Out of home)
  • Transition Planning
  • Crisis Services
  • Consumer Support Grant or Personal Care Attendant services
  • Respite
  • Home or vehicle modifications
  • Rule 185 case management

For more information visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Disabilities website.


Adult Services Intake for MnCHOICES Assessment

(800)450-9777 or (218)726-2366 

1. Choose your city (Duluth, Hibbing, Virginia, Ely)

2. Select Option 4 “For MNCHOICES Assessment for PCA Services, Elderly, Disabilities, and Long term services and Support”

South St Louis County: Brent Harju, Supervisor. Phone: 218-726-2024 or 800-450-9777 or

North St Louis County: Darin McClain, Supervisor. Phone: 218-749-9760 or 800-450-9777 or