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In order to better serve you, our staff needs some information about your property.  For the best response, gather information about your property in advance.  This will enable our staff to answer your questions in a timely manner.

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How Do I Display My 911 Address Number and Sign? 

Properly displaying your red and white 911 address number sign assists emergency responders to quickly locate the incident reported.  Posting your address sign correctly may reduce the response time.   

Rural Address Sign Placement guidelines set the standards by which all rural address numbers are assigned.  The ordinance and guidelines also provide for the color, size, and installation rules by which all address signs are to be posted.

In rural St. Louis County:

  • All new signs installed after March 2003 must contain the numbers on both sides of the sign and shall be installed perpendicular to the road.
  • All signs must contain a red background with white numbering and shall be of a reflective material.
  • The bottom of a sign shall be no less than 4’ above the level of the road surface.
  • In Municipalities:  Contact your city clerk for regulations regarding the posting of your house number.

The sign post shall be placed within 10’ of the driveway access and at least 10’ from the edge of the road surface.

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